Meet Marge and Milhouse: Second-Hand Subculture Personas

We’re hand-me-down hunters and harvesters, culture collectors and curators. We’re the second-hand subculture and we’re artists, couponers, day-trippers, film fans, furniture aficionados, gamers, historians, librarians, marketers, sneaker heads, toy collectors, writers, and more. As diverse as the interests we keep, second-hand subculturati have motivations across all five tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. From tag sale pop-ins who simply enjoy fresh air and savings, to weekend warriors who seek inspiration and probably a few white whales, members of this collectors cohort have one common thread: We see value in repurposing; making old new again.

Whether through recycling cars, clothes, media, memories, tools, toys, or even ideas, embrace the culture collector in you. Some of the biggest smiles we see are during unexpected memory unlockings at second-hand outlets (a la “The Santa Clause 2” when Santa surprises the adults with toys from their childhood). From a mom like Marge Simpson who sees the beauty in found objects and wouldn’t mind saving money along the way, to a maladroit like Milhouse Van Houten whose persistence will help him finish that collection no matter the cost, the second-hand subculture has room for everyone.

This weekend, go on the hunt for some hand-me-downs. Curate a collection of your own. And tell ’em the Hagz sent ya!

Happy tagging!