Antiques v. Antiqued

Picture it, Sicily Street, 2017. The Hagz had Hamptons historical research in their sights and were driving through a quiet hamlet when we passed a sign touting antiques. Excited to have another hunting ground for specific pieces we always have in mind, we entered the establishment only to be hit not with the smells of furniture polish and old leather, but the smells of cinnamon and clove. We immediately knew where we were.

There is a type of antique store popping up that is actually Shaker-nouveau. These establishments were once called “country stores” and are now pulling in second-hand shoppers by using the term “antique” because their hand-crafted goods are on-trend with the country-chic, rustic, distressed, or “antiqued” style of home decor. So those hoping to find patina-coated coats-of-arms accidentally walk into a menagerie of hand-painted pigs and pinwheels.

Whether it’s a touching phrase hand-painted on reclaimed wood, an original piece of nail art that inspires us, or a corgi Christmas ornament in July, we always find something we like in these shops. It’s just good to be armed with the knowledge that if we smell cinnamon and clove at the threshold, we can leave our Kovels in the car and enjoy the browse.

Happy tagging!