Our Retro Gamers’ Alphabet

Okay, so “V” is an obscure reference to a foyer door in a Trilobyte/Virgin PC game from 1993. But if you played “The 7th Guest” you passed that door a LOT.

Stay tuned for these to be used in some retro-related Hagz cryptograms!

A = NES “A” Button
B = NES “B” Button
C = Commodore “C”
D = Sega Dreamcast Logo
E = Electronic Arts Logo
F = Frogger Frog
G = Sega Game Gear
H = Hogan’s Alley
I = Intel Inside
J = Atari Joystick Logo
K = Konami Logo
L = Logitech Logo
M = Xbox Logo (Microsoft)
N = Ninja Gaiden Screenshot
O = Magnavox Odyssey
P = Pac-Man
Q = Q*Bert Asterisk
R = Rad Racer Car
S = PlayStation Logo (Sony)
T = Tetris Piece
U = UbiSoft Logo
V = Virgin Interactive Entertainment’s “7th Guest” Foyer Window
W = “WASD” Keyboard Keys
X = Super Nintendo “X”
Y = Super Nintendo “Y”
Z = The Legend of Zelda Shield

This adventure in Photoshop reminded us of several retro games and consoles to add to our treasure hunting list.

Happy tagging!