Tagging Terms Across the Land

When the Hagz met, one Hag called yard sales…well…yard sales. The other called them tag sales. This piqued our curiosity. What are these wonderful weekend events dubbed across the land? We aimed to find out!

The method? A survey of “Garage and Moving Sales” advertisements for each state on Craigslist (September 2017). There, we collected the most common or unique tagging term(s) from each state to present here! We hope you enjoy reviewing the list as well as viewing the terms on the map grouped by region! We sure did!

Happy tagging!

Alabama: Yard Sale
Alaska: Moving Sale
Arizona: Swap Meet
Arkansas: Flea Market, Parking Lot Sale
California: County-Wide Yard Sale, Warehouse Sale, Silent Auction
Colorado: Backyard Yard Sale, Farm Estate Sale, Indoor Sale
Connecticut: Tag Sale, Library Sale
Delaware: Community Yard Sale, Floating Flea Market
Florida: “Everything Must Go” Sale, Condo Sale
Georgia: Storage Unit Auction, Clearance Sale
Hawaii: Thrift Shop, Leaving Island Garage Sale, Vintage Sale
Idaho: Consignment Sale, Farmers Market, Purge Sale
Illinois: Liquidation Sale, Neighborhood Sale
Indiana: Downsizing Sale, Collectibles Sale
Iowa: Driveway Sale, Basement Sale
Kansas: Junk Sale
Kentucky: Home Sale, “Going Out of Business” Sale, Antique Market, Bake Sale
Louisiana: Boutique Sale, Benefit Sale
Maine: Lawn Sale, “Passing It On” Sale, Picker Sale, Second-Hand Sale
Maryland: “Office Restructuring” Sale, “Downsizing to Retire to Florida” Sale
Massachusetts: Block Sale, Sunday Market, Second-Hand Store
Michigan: Dock Sale
Minnesota: Sidewalk Sale, Church Sale, “Knock-Seek-Find” Sale
Mississippi: Fundraiser Sale, “White Elephant” Sale
Missouri: “Dollar Bag” Sale
Montana: Living Estate Sale
Nebraska: Auxiliary Sale, Firemen’s Sale
Nevada: Apartment Sale, Military Moving Sale, Homeowner’s Association Sale
New Hampshire: Shed Sale
New Jersey: House Demolition Sale, Foreclosure Sale
New Mexico: Mobile Home Sale, Veteran’s Sale, Wildlife Rescue Sale
New York: Estate Sale
North Carolina: “Mixed Stuff” Yard Sale, Family Reunion Yard Sale
North Dakota: Garage Sale
Ohio: Multi-Family Sale
Oklahoma: Football Stadium Sale
Oregon: Studio Sale, Hoarder’s Sale
Pennsylvania: Carport Sale
Rhode Island: Tent Sale
South Carolina: Porch Sale, Patio Sale
South Dakota: “Stop-n-Shop” Sale, “Make-n-Take” Sale
Tennessee: Dorm Sale, Closet Sale, Multi-Generation Estate Sale
Texas: Armoury Flea Market, Treasure Hunt Garage Sale
Utah: Urban Flea Market
Vermont: Museum Restoration Benefit Sale
Virginia: Indoor Sale
Washington: G-Sale
West Virginia: “Cleaning Out” Sale
Wisconsin: Rummage Sale
Wyoming: Auction