The Tag Hagz Top 10

Believe it or not, there is a dynamic hierarchy in Tag Land, and the weight given to each tier depends on what you’re looking for. Consider the following criteria on your next adventure: quality of merchandise, value of pricing, and treasure-finding potential.

1. Moving Sales: Everything must go. Name your price!

2. Garage Sales: Organized and plentiful. Rain or shine!

3. Yard Sales: Multi-family? Standard-issue? A classic hit!

4. Rummage Sales: Typically fundraisers. Good finds for a good cause!

5. Estate Sales: Professionally run, so bring your negotiating “A” game!

6. Flea Markets: A hodgepodge of antiques, new goods, and veggies. A feast for the eyes!

7. Thrift Shops: A great place for clothes, toys, and (drumroll) retro electronics and media!

8. Antique Stores: Can be pricey, but worth a browse for inspiration or that one perfect treasure!  

9. Pawn Shops: Go in not knowing what you want. Come out excited about what you found!

10. Storage Auctions: Are these real? We went to a local facility to ask and management simply gave us a unit if we promised to clean it out by the end of the day! It was a lot of work. The bounty? A dining-room set, lamp, and shelf went to siblings. We left with two cool frames, an adventure, and a “storage-auction” story!

Happy tagging!