Tag Hagz Sweet Spots (Wait…what?)

The Hagz like to get a little dirty on the weekends, particularly on other people’s property (OPP). Yards, garages, barns, basements, and attics are all wonderful weekend meeting places for informal cultural exchanges. You can collect oral histories along with your treasures!

1. “Free” Boxes: Nearest the front of the sale. Sift through for useful reusables!

2. Lawn Tarps: So much down there. Definitely worth the stoop and reach! 

3. Tagged Tables: Very organized and accessible. Easy, breezy browsing!  

4. Back Rooms: Looking for something specific? Just ask! 

5. Attics/Basements: Inspiration waits for you there. It’s worth the climb!

6. Overlooked Items: It’s easy to overlook something cool farther away. Walk around!

7. The Road Less Traveled: There’s always another adventure out there. Happy tagging!