That’s Tag Hagz with a “z”!

One girl’s trash is another gal’s treasure…yadda, yadda, yadda. Let’s be honest. Trash is abandoned on the curb. Treasure, however, is carefully marked with $0.25 negotiable price tags and spread out on front lawns and bright blue tarps.

Stacey introduced Carole to the wonders of tag sales in 2010. Since then, they’ve made tagging into a sport: out-running old ladies and throwing elbows to get the best deals. Okay, so that last part isn’t completely true (sometimes the old ladies run faster), but Stacey and Carole have developed methods, strategies, and insights–revealed here on–to make the most of their treasure hunting.

The Tag Hagz see tagging as antique shopping sans antique-boutique prices…with the added thrill of treasure discovery. They enjoy seeing new places and people on their tag trips and having a unique story attached to each bauble they bring home. Chez Tag Hagz is filled with tag-acquired art, furniture, décor, toys, and media…all souvenirs of their weekends together in New England. On, you’ll take a walk down memory lane with things remembered, discover the design potential of tagging, and perhaps find inspiration in the financial and social gains to be found on those bright blue tarps.

So learn a little, laugh a lot, and hopefully be inspired as you visit with the Tag Hagz: Giving their 2 cents on the second-hand subculture.

Happy tagging!